Science tells us that there are three main
'macro-nutrients' that constitute food...

Carbohydrate; protein and fat (as well as a bunch of
micro-nutrients) Humans need to eat them all and most food
is a combination of all three. For instance red meat is a
combination of protein and fat with some carbohydrate and
lots of other micro-nutrients like Vit B12 and Iron. Bread has
all three macro-nutrients, but generally has more

Carbohydrate: I eat heaps of food that are rich in carbs -
all sorts, from white bread through to chickpeas. I
sometimes try to manage GI but mainly I just eat what my
body wants (often white bread before and after running
races and porridge on cold winter mornings!)

Protein: Protein is essential, but due to things such as 'the
high protein diets' it is often over-consumed in western
societies. There are heaps of sources of good protein –
fish; beans; lentils and lean meat are just some examples.

Fat: I love fat... it is my powerhouse - good fats give
fantastic energy, you don't need to eat much to get loads of
fuel. I eat fat from oily fish (like salmon); nuts; oil (olive,
peanut etc…)

Just a couple of things I don't do:
I never miss breakfast (even if it is just toast and vegemite)
I never eat snack food that has any meat content (very hard
to judge how many calories you are actually eating)
The Eating Man